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Dan Dry offers full service digital assignment photography to meet your needs, deadline and budget. In addition, Dan Dry has millions of images from all over the world in his stock library. Contact us to get a quote, book a shoot, or purchase some stock.

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img: Biography
Dan Dry is one of America’s most widely recognized photographers. He has won over 400 national and international photography, advertising and design awards during his career.
Mr. Dry has also received his profession’s highest honor, being named the National Press Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association.

Mr. Dry was a member of The Courier-Journal’s Pulitzer Prize winning photography staff from 1976 until 1982. While still in high school, Mr. Dry made history at age 16, when he was part of a team that finished as runner-up to the New York Times for the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. The work was done for The Athens Messenger, a rural Ohio newspaper with a total circulation of only 12,000 readers.

Mr. Dry served two internships at National Geographic Society; his first began at age 19. Dry went on to work professionally for the publication for an additional eight years, traveling the world extensively and shooting a variety of assignments as a contract photographer.

Mr. Dry is the sole author of over 20 coffee table books on Colleges and Universities and has contributed numerous photographs to over 100 additional books, including America 24/7 and A Day in the Life of America, the only book of photography to ever top The New York Times bestseller list.

For the past 20 years Mr. Dry has turned talents to corporate and advertising photography for Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies, producing work for advertisements, annual reports, web sites and brochures. In addition, Mr. Dry was under contract as a staff photographer for the University of Chicago Department of Alumni Relations and Development for several years. Dan Dry is currently serving as the Chief Visual Officer / Senior Vice President at Power Creative, a full-service advertising agency in Louisville, Kentucky.

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